There are stories everywhere; experiences are waiting to be shared. Many perspectives are lost in small talk instead of them being shared with the world. We are all stories in physical form, and everything that makes us is wrapped up in tales.

If you listen well enough, you will hear the world speaking to you. If you keenly observe your environment, the world is only waiting for you to lean in, and it will sing to you. I am Ayomaria, and I love writing these stories; I love sharing them with you and taking you along as I journey through this place we call life.

If I am not roaming the hospital walls, burrowing through the internet, getting my daily shots of love, or writing for money, I would be here to update you about all I have been up to. Writing is art, the oldest form of it, and it has endured. It is one of the best forms of human expression. I don't promise you that my writings will make sense all the time, but I will share them and grow through them.

That should be all you need to know for now.