Adekunle Gold is Evolving Right before our eyes, and I am so down for It

Adesua Ayomaria
5 min readSep 1, 2021
A smiling AG. Source: NotionOnline

It is funny how ideas come to us in the weirdest of ways. Lying down on my bed, and just chilling after a hard day’s work; AG’s latest single “Sinner” starts playing on my Bluetooth speaker. I can’t help it; something about this song grips me, and I find myself nodding subconsciously to the vibes, and replaying it, much to the probable annoyance of my lodge mates. Then it jumps at me about how our favorite loc wearing singer has evolved ever since “Sade” dropped.

“Sinner” dropped some weeks ago, and by the time you are getting to read my review of this masterpiece, there are already different versions of the Biblical “David and Bathsheba" inspired song out there. So, I would not be calling this a review, I would prefer it is regarded as an appreciation piece on how AG has evolved, got us hooked, and is not relenting in putting himself in our faces. I am just simply in awe of the artist Adekunle Kosoko has grown to become. So, you would have to pardon me and don’t think of this piece as ill-timed.

The first time I heard Adekunle Gold, was on one of the many random trips I have taken with my dad in the past years. This was about 6 (six) years ago, when the Afrobeats heavyweights; Wizkid, Davido, and his then mentor Olamide were coming into their full wolverine state. At the time when they were getting to the peak of their powers. It was intriguing to hear “Something Different” Hearing him sing at the top of his voice in that one-direction-inspired tune with “Sade” got me elated, and I prayed this new guy makes it to the mainstream.

There was something about his relaxing, unique voice that holds you and makes you want to give any tune he releases, another listen. “Sade” got everyone to give AG a listening ear, and he continued his foray into the Nigerian music scene by releasing other great songs such as “Pick up” “Orente” a personal favorite, “Ready” which properly beefed up the anticipation for his debut album “Gold” and boy did the man really gave us GOLD.

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The debut album GOLD was everything we expected, and more. It also had songs like “work” “Ariwo Ko” “My Life” “Friend Zone” and many other great songs. Songs that made you do some kind of introspection. The meaningful lyrics which were always in sync with the groovy beats. AG added a new twist to everything, as you could hear traditional musical instruments like the the talking drum, “Gangan” as my people would call it. The “Bata”, and the “Omeles”. It was so easy to see why the great King Sunny Ade was one of his musical influences growing up.

Always donning the Adire native clothing, styling it in different ways, wearing aesthetic beads, and rocking his Agbada with pride, it was easy to fall in love with the man, and thirst for any content he had to offer us. It was clear that this was a man in tune with his culture. He was so proud of it, and he never shied away from any opportunity to showcase it. It is also not surprising why our parents became such big fans. Mum would always talk about how handsome he looked. For us, anytime his song was playing on the TV, you could see the enthusiasm on her face. She really enjoyed listening to this freshman off the block.

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Fast forward many years after, and the release of another album ‘About 30’ and also parting ways with his old Label; AG was evolving, and he was becoming more comfortable in his skin. Baddo has never been known to hold on to his signed artists for long anyway. Well to be fair to the man, he has given them wings, so it was time to soar, and the golden boy did exactly that.

“About 30” still gave us the Adekunle Gold we have been used to, but anyone who paid attention would notice man was on a mission, and he was smartly evolving with the times. “Ire” fast became a fans favorite; everyone sure wanted some “Ire” in their lives. “Surrenda” was another one, “Money” damn! man was really on a roll.

“Somebody” “Call on me” “Damn Delilah” Kosoko was not resting on his oars. He was going to choke us with good music. Well after some time, Afropop rolled in, and by now we all got it that Adekunle Gold was really growing with the times. Afro pop came in with songs like “Okay” ‘AG Baby’ “Pretty Girl” etc. The afro faded by the sides gave birth to the bold beaded hairdo. Man weaved his hair, and became serious with the gym. Fave would say, he became more intense; he exuded class. He was growing, and he gave no two fucks about any other person.

Adekunle Gold is evolving right before our eyes, and I am so down for it. After the success of Afro pop, man came to us more refined. The sounds were clearer, they were deeper, they were groovy and it held you in many ways than one. I chose not to speak of what comes to mind when the “Sinner” I earlier mentioned plays.

There is also “It is what It is” Man sang about the transient nature of life, how he wished everybody good, but reminds us that life is always what it is. The core message is still not lost; Adekunle Gold has just found new ways of appealing to a larger audience. And I really cannot wait for his next body of art. I am Pumped!!