From Crucify Him! To Folks, See Who Is Back

Adesua Ayomaria
4 min readMar 30, 2024
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The Chief priests, the scribes, the Roman soldiers, and every villain in the easter story must have thought they did something, but Bros J was like Nah, babies, I am back. I mean, just a few days ago, he was snatched in the middle of the night like a terrorist or a famed thief.

These niggas were all ‘Packed’ and ‘stacked’ going to arrest the savior with soldiers, spears, swords, and all sorts of weapons, as if he was not still there with them preaching and doing miracles on a regular just the other day. A little kerfuffle even almost happened with the betraying ass Peter trying to cut off a servant’s ear, but Bros J was still like don’t do that, man; I got this.

As if his denying ass would still not move funny later after he was accused by one of the nosy female servants of the chief priest, just as Bros J was undergoing intense interrogation in the middle of the cold night. Oh, by now, Judas already perfected his schemes to offer that fake ass kiss, to betray Jesus for some silver.

Bruh was rolling with the king of kings, the second person of the holy trinity, and he got swayed by 30 pieces of cheap silver. The sheer audacity! Anyway, I do not blame any of these folks because our resurrection story may not be complete if not for their roles.

It is easter sunday, and after those few days of torture and scorn, see who is back. Bros J has risen so majestically that the angels have rolled off the big stone to seal the tomb. Do you want to keep a whole Jesus Christ save in a tomb just like that? He is now risen, and sooner, he will ask us all to meet him in ‘Galilee,’ where he will give us the charge for our purpose as Christians before resuming his position at the right hand of God.

The Easter story is particularly fascinating to me. I remember listening to preachings in church as a teenager, and the priest would always ask us to note just how humans can be easily influenced and how the main people Jesus Christ lived and walked among them were quick to spit at him, mock him, all because of some fake accusations.

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They shouted ‘Hossanah to the King of Kings a few days earlier.’ Look at how quick they were to shout, ‘Crucify him!’ to the extent that they had a solid thieving man released so that they could crucify our lord Jesus Christ. But after all of that suffering, look who is here?

What are the Lessons here?

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Jesus Christ went through his time of suffering; he prayed for the cup to be passed over him, but he finally made the ultimate sacrifice after owning up to follow the will of the Father. The second person of the holy trinity sweated blood in the garden of Gethsemane as he prayed, which tells you existing as a human is no easy feat.

So maybe you should give yourself some credit. You are pulling through each day and doing a great job at it. You are canceling out your milestones, shedding old habits, and becoming a better version of yourself. You deserve that much credit.

According to historians, the Roman method of crucifixion was so cruel that folks who were unfortunate enough to be executed using this method rarely made it to be crucified. Still, Jesus Christ held on, carried his cross, and fell countless times for our sake. They really strung up Jesus and had him killed. Bros J paid the ultimate sacrifice; a mother lost her son just for us to have a shot at salvation. I think it's worth celebrating.

There is no better show of love by the Father for us to know that, as humans, we matter in the grand scheme of things, and God does not want us to go astray. Like the shepherd, he wants us to completely and patiently follow his instructions. As we celebrate Easter, may the graces brought about by the Risen king be permanent in our lives.

‘Pheww; I got all churchy there. Well, that is about that’