Adesua Ayomaria
4 min readMay 24, 2021


I remembered how I looked forward to doing my internship, I thought of the many possibilities, the thrill of it all, coupled with the opportunity it would provide for me to learn under the best minds. It was refreshing to think about a phase after school, where I had all the time to myself.

A phase where I could actually be like, you know what, this is what I want to do today. This is where I want to be, Here is how I want to live, these are the choices I want to make, you know the vibes. Well, internship is almost done now, and I would not say I have not achieved all I wanted; but I have been opened up to the stark realities of pharmaceutical practise in Nigeria.

To be factual, it is not pretty. Remember when I last mentioned how I have worked on night duties, helped people trim drug sachets to fit their budget, and how I have gotten to meet different types of people. The good, the bad, and the ugly, you know the whole deal. It has been a jolly good ride, I must say. Now, I am here this morning sitted on one of the many steps in front of the drug store, one of my last postings, and thinking so what next?.

Few weeks ago, I was so into my head thinking about what that would be for me after this year. I was wondering what decision would be the best for my career, but the words of one of the pharmacists I worked with, one who loves talking about these things comes rushing back.

"Ayomaria, you have to give it the extra push. Go all out and make things happen for yourself".

It might be tough, but it is going to be worth it. You might not find that progression which lays it all out for you, but the world is your stage, so conquer it. You can bet that is exactly what I am going to do.

Lest I forget, I have seen lots of things happen. How unfair the Nigerian state has been to its citizens, and how things could have been much better if only we had a working system. The other day, a child was lost, all because there was no Adrenaline injection, and the running back and forth, would not even save him.

I saw him give up, and the sight has refused to leave me. Is it the pregnant woman in labor, who needed intensive care but could not get it; because you know, such things are regarded as luxury in Nigeria. So many avoidable situations, just if things were a tad better.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, nothing sets aside health workers from those in the other sectors. It is all the same; as everyone is just trying to get by. For the tons of hours, you put in, the remuneration is not worth it. But we keep striving nonetheless.

Another thing of note is that no one considers the security of healthcare practitioners. The other day, just because there was a strike action, gunmen were in the hospital to break through the only ATM in the hospital, tying the private security officers and molesting patients.

There are also some days, The aggression comes from patients. But of course, you are expected to understand right? The other day, I could swear one man would tear me apart if he could only get hold of me. Because according to him, I was slow in providing the anti-snake vaccine he was asked to buy. This is even after taking all the calls he had for me, you know he knows my boss, and I have to give him special treatment. All these happens, and honestly, I get it.

I am a pharmacist, and I am proud to be one. So, as this chapter ends I look forward with optimism, with hope at what the next phase offers me. The emphasis on career progression might not be all that, according to the existing structures, but I am determined to make something out of everything.

I am determined to make the best out of everything life has to offer. You can be a pharmacist, and also be a bad ass writer. At the same time, you can be a photographer, and make those beautiful memories permanent. You can be everything; this is what I believe, and I want to experience it all. After all, its one life and living it right?