It's high time you stop trashing on the expressions of others

Adesua Ayomaria
5 min readMar 8, 2022
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In a bid to survive the current land of randomness in which I live, I do some writing; And in the course of this, I met Sharon. Sharon was always impressed with all I wrote, and she would not stop talking about how well I interacted with her.

Amidst some of our conversations, she asked me. "do you know the difference between human beings and Animals"? I prodded her further, and she went on to explain to me. It is your imagination; it is a significant difference, the God-given distinction between animals and us.

She was right, and this leads me to the next part of my writing. In my head, I have always looked at folks who can fully express themselves like superhumans. I mean, how good must it be for the golden dust from the gods to be sprinkled upon you?

A lot of people choose to express themselves in different ways. After all, life is random, and so are our experiences in it. We grew up differently, and so are our biases too. We hold different opinions on virtually everything, which makes us express ourselves differently.

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Part of what makes life so beautiful is the artistic sense in us. To explore this part of us, we do many things. We write, speak (host podcasts, talk shows), dance, sing, rap, paint, etc. Our imaginative senses are the basis of all our expressions.

I look at folks that could write so good and wonder how they can make use of words and link them together so perfectly that you feel the terms holding your hand and leading you to have a peek at the writer's mind.

Or how about those poems that resonate so well with everything you might be feeling at that particular point in time. There is also singing, reflexive drumming and everything in between. Dances, and the rigorous movement of bodies, in the way that made all of us giggle so happily. All forms of tapping into our artistic side.

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Have you ever looked at producers and wondered how they came about those sounds, the beats that we all love when we groove? I see videos, and I know how these folks move the buttons, stroke the guitar, beat the drums, bring in the piano, and at the end of the day, we have the sounds that don't leave our heads.

Mo writes some of the best works I have ever read. The way she weaves the words together so masterfully leaves me in awe that I have given up on knowing how she does it. Joseph writes so much relatable content on his substack that you only need to read a few of them for you to be hooked.

The self-named Pope would not stop wowing you with his creative puns and expressions that make you pause to decode their meanings. These creative processes are no jokes at all. I bet many of you do not know how much it takes to string up just 500 words of content together.

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Talk of the ability to string up so many words together till it can be called a novel, one that keeps your readers hooked from page to page. How good must you be? How about the amount of self-doubt that gets into posting content out there. This is not even talked about well enough.

Learn to offer good words on the works of others. Do not be the reason someone quits on their uniqueness. Be constructive and be empathetic when assessing the works of others. It is a superhuman ability really; bringing out something from nothing.

I once saw the video of an artist who paints brilliantly, all from scratch. You would be wowed with how this man brings up surreal ideas all from his head. How about the coders, our tech bros? Those folks spend hours sorting out codes and learning so you can get the user interfaces you love.

Now that I have talked about these different forms of expressions getting useful feedback is a part of creating something. But I feel it isn't nice for folks to get certain feedbacks that make them want to give up on everything. Terrible words can make you lose interest in everything you love doing anytime you think of them.

I see no reason why someone should share a part of themselves, and all you can do is trash the effort. A lot goes into sharing our creative side, and even though we can criticize, I see no reason why you should deliver stinging feedback that keeps ringing. We can do without trashing the efforts of others.

You should be constructive in your criticism. Never forget to be empathetic in your dealings with others. Your words are permanent, and a lot of people hardly ignore them. I know many people who gave up on some of the things they loved doing all because someone trashed their efforts and told them how their actions aren't worth anything.

I hope we strive to do better in relating to the works of others. I don't know why I am writing this because you can bet I have criticized myself well enough when I can complete any piece. But we need to appreciate the creative outputs of others better. Trust me; it helps in a lot of ways.