It's the little things that make it all worth it.

Adesua Ayomaria
4 min readJan 10, 2022
Credit: Photo by Zachary Nelson Via Unsplash

Well, a glance at the above title might make you think, "Oh, who does he think he is? What does he even know about life?". While this is true, I can still share my perspectives. Isn't that the whole idea of writing? Documenting your actual experiences and just keeping it moving.

In the little time I have spent around here, I understand that the little things keep the world spinning. I mean, we can have all the big dreams, the goals, lofty aspirations, and everything in between. But it is still these seemingly little things that keep us going.

But before I come to articulate this point adequately, let me give you a little backstory. Something to make you understand why I am coming to this conclusion. At different times, life shows us its different sides, giving us other ideas about what it is actually.

No one can be so definite and give you an actual meaning to it, and no one can be that sure about what life is. Sometimes, depending on the wave you are riding at that point, it appears joyful; other times, it seems meaningful; that you are impressed with yourself and how you are killing it.

Credit: Twitter; trust me, I will correct it when I find the handle. I don't steal.

You don't expect it to keep going so perfectly. So there are other times life feels like a complete joke, giving you the feeling that you are just being tossed around, and your choices are not your own. Well, I am no philosopher, so if you are looking for a perfect definition through this piece, I do not know what to tell you.

Right now, I have no words for where I am with it; I would not be able to say something. Then you know, with the new year, there is all the talk about resolutions, growth, inculcating better habits, and just improving all around. Well, top on my list this year is that I have resolved not to allow life to drive me around like I am some forgotten ship left to sail.

I might be powerless in the grand scheme of things, but I am determined to make my own solid choices and see how they turn out. Do not look at this with a pessimistic view. Because even though we are just a few days into the year, it has been going as expected. I have been amazed by my abilities, so everything is in check.

Credit: Xavier Mouton Via Unsplash

Now to the inspiration behind that title. By the time you are reading this, I am already in a faraway land, struggling to find my bearing and trying to get used to the total change in every way I have known how to do things. And even though I tried changing my direction in the best way that I could have done, it seems I would have to accept this one. See, life again.

But despite everything, I have decided to take solace in the small things of life. So, just some days ago, I spent one of my evenings staring at beauty. I am talking about such an unreal beauty that makes you get lost in everything. The waves of laughter ringed out so loud, and there were smiles that stuck with me in a way.

Trust me; I was smiling here.

It was not the first time I was experiencing this, but there was just something different about that evening. I was so lost, and I did not care about anything else. I just wanted time to stop so I could enjoy this company. But it had to stop, see life again.

Well, it is the only time, so I am confident I would be back to enjoy such an unreal moment. But I got the lesson that moments like this made everything worth it. We all have these big dreams, plans, aspirations, etc., and we are all seeking to get the big bag, but I think it would all be tasteless without these moments.

I don't know if I have articulated this writing well or been dancing from theme to theme, but I hope you get the message in this. As we go on in the year, you find out your seemingly "small" moments and enjoy them to the fullest because it is all we have when you think about it.